Support DC

Support DC was a project I created at the beginning of Covid-19 to support local businesses who were in need of money.

It aggregated data on restaurants, shops, and other small businesses in the DC area and how to support them - how to buy gift cards, order takeout, or buy from them online.


Between March and April of 2020, I sourced info via manual research and a crowdsourced Google Sheet, and had data on hundreds of local businesses. At its peak, the site was getting about 6,000 monthly page views. I don't have a way of tracking how much money it generated for the businesses.

I have since shut down the project.

Who am I?

I'm Brian. For work, I build automations to remove manual, repetitive work from business operations. I also maintain a community site which helps people find DC Tech Jobs.

You can read more about me on this, my personal site.

You can check out DC Tech People here.

You can reach out to me at brian at