Webflow API: How To Get Site, Collection, and Item IDs For Zapier and Parabola Use

November 21, 2019

For a few projects, I've needed ID-info from Webflow about my site, such as the ID of an item. This allows us to create certain kinds of Zaps and to link Parabola into our sites. But figuring out how exactly to get this info from Webflow took me a bit of time so I've written up a quick reference here.

To get an API access token for your site, go to your Dashboard in Webflow, then to the Integrations tab, then scroll down to API Access. Click "Generate API Token". Copy this and store it somewhere safe, you won't be able to access it again.

To get info about your site, you'll need to interact with your browser URL using the structures below:

How to get your Site ID from Webflow:


How to get your Collection IDs from Webflow:


How to get an Item ID from Webflow:


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