How To Post On Instagram From Your Laptop

April 6, 2020

Instagram has been one of the biggest growth channels for my business, District Flight Deals. I just deleted it from my phone.

I don't like the distraction that Instagram is, but feel I need it for marketing purposes. Until recently, that meant I was locked into the mobile app. Luckily, there are ways to get what you need from Instagram all from your laptop.

How to Use the Instagram App from Your Computer

If you go to from your laptop or desktop, you'll see a layout similar to the one above. No ability to see your Direct Messages, DM anyone yourself, or post to stories. Or, oh yeah, post at all.

Along came Pat Walls with an excellent tip:

If you're not familiar, you can see the code behind any web page by right clicking on it and selecting "Inspect".

That'll open something like this:

Click the button highlighted in the top left, and it'll shift your view to mobile. From here, you almost have what Pat Walls shows in his Tweet. But even though it's smaller, you probably don't see a way to DM or post to stories yet. How do you solve that?

Just refresh the page and then.....

You can post to the feed, add stories and DM. Easy.

Unfortunately, if you're curating content from Instagram for your profile, there's no simple way to repost from a laptop.

I made a custom solution for that and am writing a tutorial about how you can do it too (no code tools only). Join my email list if you want to get that post when I publish it this week.

Update: Here is that post.

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